Why Urb’n Nature

In our fast pace world with fast-growing Cities around the globe, the pollution within the Cities increased tremendously. 80% of the world’s population are living in urban environments. The monitored air pollution exceeds levels much higher than recommended by WHO.
Outdoor air pollution kills 3.3 million people, mostly in cities, every year. That’s more than HIV, malaria and influenza combined – yet the sparse coverage of official data means many cities are not even monitored. All-day, the skin is in constant contact with air pollution, specifically ozone and PM2.5, which are fine microscopic particles. These pollutants can affect the skin, and the smallest particles may even penetrate down to the epidermal cells. They accelerate extrinsic skin ageing and damage the integrity of the cutaneous barrier and prevent it from functioning correctly.
The impact of pollutants on the skin is even more enhanced by UV rays by the sun and IR heat rays and mostly unknown blue light, e.g. screens and energy-saving bulbs. UV rays and pollution also cause higher oxidation, dehydration, premature ageing.
Most people are not aware of the damage these pollutions can do to our skin, our first barrier against external attacks. Within these polluted Cities, most people using products made of chemicals which is unhealthy inside out. Therefore, we wanted to bring Nature to the Cities. We aim to do the right step in the right direction to have a product which fits our current Global environment.

Our aim is to bring Nature into our daily URB’N city live. 

We redefine Luxury…. Luxury is Nature … Luxury is Time …

Luxury is URB’N Nature!”