Sustainable Packaging

At Urb’n Nature, we decide to use glass for our packaging as it is the ultimate material for endless recycling. Glass is a product that fulfils a cradle to cradle standard. Our glass is produced in Europe, under fair working conditions. But we searched the world to find a glass with a purpose, not just material. We have chosen a violet glass.

Violet glass ... More than jaust glass packaging

Our glass is protecting its precious ingredients. With the chosen violet glass, we can protect the products against harming and damaging rays of light. So much we need sunlight; it also has a degrading effect on molecules. The damaging part of the ray spectrum is filtered, and the beneficial ones seem to energize the product.
Due to this we, do not need to use any synthetic preservatives, synthetic antioxidants or chemical sunscreens to protect our delicate products.
The appreciation of the unique protective qualities of violet glass can be traced back to ancient Egyptian culture. In those times, valuable essences and natural products were kept either in gold or in violet glass vessels.
Our caps are made from Urea a by-product of many chemical processes. Urea is not harming the environment.
We know that this is not the most sustainable solution. As we are evolving to push the boundaries to be even more sustainable and responsible, we have already started working with our manufacturer on a project to produce the caps, the lids and the disc liners from renewable source materials. We will keep you updated here.
All our product labels are paper-based, and we use recycled post-consumer paper.
We aim to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. We also pack our goods only with post-consumer recycled packaging material and use a latex-paper based tape to close the boxes. We ship all our goods with DHL Go Green in Germany, and for international transports, we set off the carbon emission caused by this.

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