We develop and produce the finest 100% natural products in the World. Making sure that all our ingredients are 100% organic selected from the finest places around the globe.

ECO Statement-Organic Natural Cosmetic

Be aware of yourself and your environment.

Everything we put on our skin penetrates through the skin into our blood and our body, and thus into our whole circulation.
That is why we do not want to apply something on our skin, what we would never eat or drink.

What are the differences between eco, organic, natural?
Sadly most commercial skin, body & haircare products, made mainly of chemical ingredients.

Here are the most important facts and differences of organic, natural eco and vegan skin, body & haircare products and cosmetics.

1. Organic Cosmetics are regulated so it is the best option for our skin and the enviorment. Healthy, no chemicals at all.
2. Natural Cosmetics are supposed to be natural, but it is not regulated. Thus you have no guarantee until you read the composition.
3. Bio Cosmetics are also certified. They have close benefits with the organic ones. The ingredients used come from bio farms. Meaning that they care for soils.

“Organic” is a term strictly regulated by the FDA.
Compared to natural skin care, is that all the ingredients of an organic product must have been grown and prepared without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides or growth hormones. This ensures that there is no trace of synthetic ingredients inside.
Organic brands must be regulated by an institution, in each country in which they are manufactured.
Always read the list of ingredients and check whether the product has an organic label.
Organic products are the healthiest for us and our environment.

The term ‘natural’ is not regulated. Thus a cosmetic that is produced with a low percentage of natural ingredients can still be claimed as natural.
A product is defined as natural if it mainly consists of plant, mineral or animal ingredients. However, Water is also an natural ingredient. Chemical ingredients are also possible in certain quantities. These products are often not regulated by any company and can also contain a few percentages of synthetic ingredients. Always read the list of ingredients carefully, keeping in mind that the ingredients above are included in a higher percentage. The first ingredients on the list have to be natural.

Bio cosmetics are certified. Natural ingredients.
They are caring for the soil the ingredients are coming from.

The cosmetics under the label eco or green is the same than for the natural skin care.
Those terms are not regulated. So a green cosmetic or skincare could be better for the environment, but would potentially be full of chemicals.

A product is defined as vegan if it contains no ingredient of animal origin such as milk or honey. However it’s possible that it contains synthetic ingredients or that it’s even composed entirely of synthetic ingredients. An vegan product it’s not necessarily natural or organic. Look for the organic and vegan certification logos. A sub-category of the vegan skin care is the cruelty free one that is not tested on animals.
And read always the list of ingredients.
Vegan cosmetics can contain several artificial components also found in conventional cosmetic products. The only difference is that vegan cosmetics do not contain substances of animal origin.

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