Zero Waste by URB’N NATURE

is one of the world’s leading manufacturer/supplier of natural & plastic free Hotel/Spa/Wellness Amenities within the Luxury segment. Our product development is based on a unique understanding of people, product and sustainability.

Nature has formed the foundation of our products, which contribute to the health and well­being of people and planet.

Our intention is, to prevent and reduce the environmental impact:


Within our green policy for clean environments and oceans, no amenities that produce micro plastic.


The boxes are made from card certified by sustainable forest management organization PEFC.

#Zerowaste & #ResponsibleProducts

Source our raw materials with 15+ years of Global Sourcing Expertise. Therefore, we use superior raw materials and plastic free amenities.

#NoAnimalTesting, #CrueltyFree

URB’N NATURE does not harm any animal for product testing; neither we collaborate with any institution that is testing products for use on animals


We respect the principles of Green Chemistry for all the transformed materials we use.


The ingredients we source for our skincare are mostly food ingredients and are not harmful to the environment.


Our formulas are 100% natural origin and completely free of synthetic chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

We ensure compliance with all relevant green legislation by:

Raw materials are only from sources/farms that treat the environment, people and planet in a responsible way. This results in a sustainable procurement for certified organic materials.

We are free of any use of micro plastic beads or plastic materials in our precious formulations. In our SPA treatments that require sheets, we use sheets made from corn (GMO-free) where our industry standard for sheets in spa treatments are PE or PVC plastic sheets. Our sheets compost within 6 weeks and do not produce any landfill or micro plastic. On top of this, we buy this only in the EU and have it certified GMO free.

For F&B or Spa treatments we use an organic cling film that is compostable (according to EN 13432) and manufactured for the catering sector based on GMO-free raw materials in Europe. The organic cling film is food safe, without additional plasticizers and produced according to the criteria of the HACCP regulation.

Reusable, compostable and recyclable containers, especially our boxes are made from card certified by the sustainable forest management organization PEFC.

We package our products in packaging, that are sturdy, safe, we also assure BPA free, and they can be upcycled for alternative use in a concept of #zerowaste.

Product and packaging are made in Germany.

All our amenities range under the concept of Zero waste. We want to offer amenities that are not made for single use, they are reusable, compostable and recyclable. The boxes are made from post-consumer card certified by the sustainable forest management organization PEFC.

We developed our own Proprietary Processing Protocols to extract the most of actives from our plant materials.

Our products are FREE FROM

• synthetic Preservatives, such as (Parabens, MI, MCI and Formaldehydes),
• Crude oil or petrochemicals derived raw materials, such as mineral oil and paraffin, fillers, palm oil or derivatives, chemically refined oils
• Synthetic surfactants
• Ethoxylated raw materials, such as PEGs
• Nitrosamines, such as TEA, DEA and MEA
• Silicones
• Synthetic fragrances, colors and dyes
• No Genetically modified ingredients
• Ingredients that are 100% safe for your body and our planet

To maintain our performance as a company:


  • truth and transparency in the personal care industry
  • putting on your skin what you would eat
  • minimal waste packaging, reducing the impact on our planet
  • using green/renewable energy for our production of these beautiful products
  • minimizing, our water footprint
  • avoiding synthetics & preservatives

using sustainable amenities that are compostable and not producing micro plastic or entering our oceans

The URB’N NATURE Spa concept is a modular system. Most of our professional masks and wraps come in powder format to mix individually for our clients in a customized way. We are not using water in these products; therefore, there is no requirement for preservatives and transport of water.

URB’N NATURE has made a pledge not to test on animals. There is no need to test a finished product on animals. URB’N NATURE does not harm any animal for product testing; neither we collaborate with any institution that is testing products for use on animals.

We respect the principles of Green Chemistry for all the transformed materials we use.

We aim to be a leader as a sustainable spa company and to do so, we have implemented several initiatives


Energy Conservation: We have been working on a project since 2017 to update the company with energy saving LED lighting. We plan in 2021 to install solar panels for a further step into #zeroemissions. All of our electrical consumption is coming for green energy supplier where we actively buying our energy since 2001.

Energy In-house Production: The old thermal heat pump (2008) was exchanged by a new modern more efficient type. We have installed a new thermal heat pump in 2017.

Cleaning: We use eco-friendly cleaning products throughout the company. We have shifted to cleaning products that are made with bio-based oils and other natural cleaners in 2004. We are reducing the use of products with chlorine bleach and petrochemical based derivatives. These more natural products have proven performance, are less irritating to employees, and less destructive to the environment.

Waste Management: We are actively reusing the boxes we get supplied in our processes to send out new product. In this way we could cut down our waste paper stream down by 80%. When shipping goods, we changed our existing PP based tape into a Paper/Latex based tape. Also we send all documentation not printed, we send all information 2019 we could reduce the total us of plastic in our shipping’s to 2%.

Server System: We use Carbon neutral server system located in Germany.

Travels: Long distance travels, we use the train Deutsche Bahn for 100% climate neutral traveling, if suitable. If we need to fly, we use carbon offsetting of Lufthansa.

Our sustainability integrity is shared via:

  • Sustainability Statement
  • Certified Logo displayed where relevant
  • Website information
  • Ingredient Glossary showing a global contribution to fair trade, social responsibility of cultivation projects.

We are happy to advise you and workout a personalized concept, to implement your concept in a sustainable and plastic-free manner. We develop suitable solutions for your project. The result will inspire your team & your guests.

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