Sustainability & Responsibility

Our aim is to do the right step into the right direction, to have a product which fits our current Global environment.

Most people are not aware to the damage these pollutions can do to our skin, our first barrier against external attacks Within these polluted Cities most people using products made of chemicals, which is unhealthy inside out.
Therefore, we wanted to bring Nature to the Cities. The Beauty of Nature.

The ingredients we source are mostly food ingredients and not harmful to the environment. They are taken from sustainable organic sources and without harming the environment.

The Urbn Nature Spa concept is a modular system so most of our masks and wraps are in powder format to mix individually for our clients in a customized way. We are not using water in these products, therefore there is no requirement for preservatives.

– Chemicals
– Parabens
– synthetic preservatives as (Parabens, MI, MCI and Formaldehydes)
– Cruelty free
– dyes and synthetic fragrances
within our policy for clean environments and oceans we do not use any micro plastic beads or materials in our precious products.

We package our products in recyclable and reusable glass packaging, plastic caps and containers are sturdy, safe, we also assure BPA free and these can be used for alternative use in a concept of
-Zerowaste –
the entire products can be used and the outer packaging recycled or reused for your personal purpose and needs.

In all cities today, air pollution is one of the major health issues. Pollutions becoming a global concern for everybody. The impact of pollutants on our health body system is known, but most people are not aware to the damage these pollution can do to our skin, our first barrier against external attacks.
A little excursion to better understand the harmful effects of pollution
80% of world’s population are living in urban environments. The monitored air pollution exceeds levels higher then recommended by WHO.

All day, the skin is in constant contact with air pollution, specifically ozone and PM2.5 which are microscopic fine particles. These pollutants can affect the skin, and the smallest particles may even penetrate down to the epidermal cells. They accelerate extrinsic skin aging and damage the integrity of the cutaneous barrier and prevent it from functioning properly.
The impact of pollutants on the skin is even more enhanced by UV rays by the sun and IR heat rays and mostly unknown blue light e.g. screens and energy saving bulbs. UV rays and pollution also cause higher oxidation, dehydration, premature aging.

The steps to take to protect your skin from pollution


Every day, it is necessary to cleanse, repair and preserve the cutaneous barrier and protect the skin to allow it to defend itself against these daily attacks

What should an anti-pollution skincare contain?

So to summarize, the most important rules for a good anti-pollution skincare:
1. High levels of antioxidants.
2. Gentle cleansing products.
3. Balance the natural oil levels of the skin with a deep cleansing product that does not harm the skin’s pH or dries out the skin
4. Strengthening and repairing the barrier function of your skin.
5. Ensure high moisturizing properties e.g. Ectoin and low molecular Hyaluronic acid
6. Normalizes your skin pH

URB’N NATURE products do not use processed/tap water but only organic Aloe Vera juice.

URB’N NATURE designs beautiful products.
Naturally, our ingredients are certified as 100% organic. We have produced our own organic enriched plant extracts, which we responsible source from around the world. URB’N NATURE products do not use processed/tap water but only organic Aloe Vera juice. We use only the best Aloe Vera, cold pressed organic plant oils and best organic essential oils.


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