The ingredients we source for our skincare are mostly food ingredients and are not harmful to the environment. We source our raw materials with 15+ years Global Sourcing Expertise. Therefore, we use incomparable raw materials. These raw materials are only from sources/farms that treat environment, people and planet in a responsible way. In addition, we developed our own Proprietary Processing Protocols to extract the most of actives from our plant materials.


  • truth and transparency in the personal care industry
  • putting on your skin what you would eat
  • minimal waste packaging, reducing the impact on our planet
  • using green/renewable energy for our production of these fine products
  • minimizing, our water foot print
  • avoiding synthetics & preservatives


Our formulas are 100% natural origin and completely free of synthetic chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Our products are FREE FROM

  • synthetic Preservatives, such as (Parabens, MI, MCI and Formaldehydes),
  • Crude oil or petrochemicals derived raw materials, such as mineral oil and paraffin, fillers, palm oil or derivatives, chemically refined oils
  • Synthetic surfactants
  • Ethoxylated raw materials, such as PEGs
  • Nitrosamines, such as TEA, DEA and MEA
  • Silicones
  • Synthetic fragrances, colours and dyes
  • No Genetically modified ingredients

Ingredients that are 100% safe for your body and our planet


Within our green policy for clean environments and oceans, we do not use any micro plastic beads or plastic materials in our precious formulations. In addition, we use in our SPA treatments that require sheets instead of industry wide standard PE plastic sheets only natural biopolymer sheets, which compost within 6 weeks and do not produce any landfill or micro plastic. On top of this we buy this only in the EU and have, it certified GMO free.


Reusable, compostable and recyclable containers

The boxes are made from card certified by sustainable forest management organisation PEFC. We package our products in packaging, plastic caps and containers that are sturdy, safe, we also assure BPA free and they can be upcycled for alternative use in a concept of #zerowaste.

Product and product packaging are made in Germany.


the entire products packaging, the boxes can be upcycled or reused for your personal purpose and needs.


The Urbn Nature Spa concept is a modular system so most of our professional masks and wraps are in powder format to mix individually for our clients in a customized way. We are not using water in these products; therefore, there is no requirement for preservatives and transport of water.

#NoAnimalTesting #CrueltyFree

URB’N NATURE has made a pledge not to test on animals. There is no need to test a finished product on animals. URB’N NATURE does not harm any animal for product testing neither we collaborate with any institution that is testing products for us on animals.


We respect the principles of Green Chemistry for all our transformed materials we use.