Welcome to URB’N NATURE!

The new company is a partnership of two Spa Professionals inspired by the success of their organic plant-based spa brand Anika Organic Luxury. We created URB’N NATURE to bring nature with its heritage of known benefits of botanical beauty to you. Our mission is to change the beauty industry for the better.  URB’N NATURE is a testament to clean beauty, made of only safe, precious ingredients, with zero synthetics added. Join us on our journey to bring you the wonderful world of plants into your life and discover the future of modern, clean beauty.

URB’N NATURE positions his self as an innovative organic, young and fresh luxury spa product. With strategic partnerships in some of the world’s most prestigious 5-Star Superior Hotels, around the Globe. We have established new standards for the term Luxury Spas. Since its inception in 2004, ANIKA ORGANIC LUXURY has created and developed the world’s most excellent spa products, treatments, and concepts. In early 2017 a new organization was formed, URB’N Nature was born.

A new cutting edge developed skincare product for the modern world in which we live in.

100% Organic

100% Luxury