Why URB’N NATURE is effective


Having our own laboratory and production allows us to customize and guarantee the best quality.

All products are – Made in Germany.

  • 4D protection and regeneration System, with time activity
  • Multifunctional Protection and Repair System
  • Antioxidants – Antipollution

Protecting skin and cells against oxidative stress and environmental impacts.

  • Protection from light-induced stressors

Protecting against UV rays also against blue light (Screens and artificial LED bulbs)

  • Repair of damaged cells and membranes

Actively combatting rosacea and skin inflammations UV photo damages, reduction by 19%.

  • Hydration- Moisture Complex

Active Hydro Complex keeps the skin hydration up to 200% for more than 2 weeks.

Just to highlight a few actives of many

Next to all our organic plant oils, extracts and essential oils, which are by nature and our synergistic concept very active, we have added on some unique, ecological concepts and ingredients, which have either Cosmos or Ecocert certification:

Natural Ascorbyl Glucoside is a highly efficient Vitamin C, which promotes Collagen Synthesis, reduces wrinkles efficiently, and is an excellent antioxidant. It repairs and protects from sun damage.

Boswellia -Incense, known for centuries; we use it to calm inflammations by 45% in 3 days and improve the elasticity by 15%.

Esculin (from Manna Ash tree) is increasing the capillary concentration and improves the condition of small blood vessels. Besides, Esculin naturally inhibits the enzymatic decomposition, and by this, it is preserving the integrity of connective tissue.

Ethyl Ferulate (from Rice bran), is a multifunctional antioxidant, protects against free radicals, is skin soothing, has strong UV-A absorption, UV-B absorption, and it is intended for UV radiation-induced burns.

Ectoin® is a 100% natural amino acid and multifunctional cosmetic active ingredient with global cell protection and outstanding anti-ageing properties.

Ectoin® was discovered in 1985 as the self-defence and survival substance of microorganisms living in a salt lake in Wadi El Natrun (Egyptian desert).

The Ectoin® protection mechanism is effortless but also very effective: protection shells protect and prevent, stress factors cannot harm the cells any more. Cell damage is prevented.

82% increased skin elasticity

76% improvement of skin scaling,

86% reduction of skin roughness, in 28 day.

200% increased hydration with a long-lasting effect of 2 weeks.

More all over it protects cells 100% against photo aging. The skins ability is 3 times increased to respond to environmental issues.

  • Hyaluronic complex

Our highly active vegan Tri hyaluronic complex (Cosmos and Ecocert certified) is able to reach even the lowest layers of the skin which brings new possibility of advanced rejuvenation.

  • reduces wrinkles and stabilizes skin structure, 26 % improvement of dermal papillae shape (It can be found throughout the body, and its primary purpose to hook up the epidermis)
  • helps smoothing of the skin texture, 34 % reduction of skin pores size
  • keeps hydrating properties of standard hyaluronic acid, 27 % improvement of skin barrier function

The product brings already a broad range of advantages- unique 3D effect:

  • Gets into low layers of the skin and directly interacts with cells.
  • Restores normal thickness of aging or atrophic skin.
  • Has fundamental influence on the biological activity of the cells.

Stimulates production of body’s own endogenous hyaluronic acid and collagen